Acting 101

What is acting?   Acting is the art of taking actions or words that are not your own, and portraying those actions or words in a believable way.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

For a great many people, this seemingly simple concept is tremendously difficult.  Try speaking in front of a large group of people for the first time and you’ll begin to feel a nervousness that you may have never experienced before.  You might start to perspire, stutter, develop a tick, rock side to side, or a variety of other maladies.  For public speaking, there are courses like Toastmasters where a person can learn to overcome their nerves.  For actors, there are acting classes, and there are lots of them.  It’s no wonder that the actors we think of as the very best have trained all their lives.  It takes years to perfect the art of being ‘natural’ when speaking the writer’s words.  Add to that the importance of physical life in a scene, and we compound the difficulty.

So, what’s my point?   Training, training, and more training.  Take your craft to the next level by learning what your tools are, and learning how to use them.  You can start by auditing (watching without paying) different acting classes to find an instructor or style that you feel fits your comfort zone.  Eventually, it’s important to break out of that comfort zone to explore your range as an actor.